Microfibers are back in stock at Costco

Hands-down, the best microfiber towels I ever found were the Detailers’ Preference brand sold at Costco. They were a full 16″ x 16″ and very beefy. They held up well to washing. Contrary to this, most of the other microfiber (MF) towels I’d used were undersized and lightweight, and they transformed into thin, scratchy rags after just a few weeks in the paperhanging cycle.

Sadly, the Detailers’ Preference MF towels disappeared from the shelves of most Costco stores a couple of years ago. Once I had gotten used to them, no other towel would suffice.

Well, good news: they’re back, rebranded as Costco’s in-house Kirkland brand. They’re a different color — more of a goldenrod yellow than a flourescent yellow — but the towels themselves appear otherwise identical. They come 36 in a package, and the price is just under $18. That’s only fifty-cents per towel. I’d say that’s a very good price for a commercial-grade towel that will provide really good service.

Here are some photos. The bright yellow are the old style, for comparison.

mf side by side mf side by side full mf package label mf closeup

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