Designers Guild Wallpaper “Saraille”

Designers Guild Wallpaper

This Designers Guild wallpaper is “Saraille”, which we installed in a Sewickley, PA, living room.

The paper is digitally printed on non-woven stock. It’s packaged in 12-meter rolls, each roll containing four sheets of about ten feet each. The pattern may appear to be a simple, blurry gradient, but in fact there was a very precise match, with each panel numbered 1 through 4. It’s one of those designs, typical of digital printing, where if you match it, it looks like there’s no match; but if you mismatch it by a hair, it will be glaringly obvious.

When measuring a room for this pattern, keep in mind that there is no horizontal repeat. This means that you have to figure for one full sheet for every 20-½” width of wall, even if it’s just an 18″-tall area above a doorway or window.

The material had a slight sheen to it, and any imperfections in the surface of the wall would likely telegraph to the surface. For this reason we opted to first infall blankstock lining paper ( as a base layer to smooth over any roughness in the walls.

We pasted the back of the material, rather than follow the paste-the-wall instructions so often given with non-woven wallpapers these days. There’s nothing wrong with pasting the wall; I just prefer the tried and true method that has served me well over my thirty years in the trade.

Pittsburgh Magazine Home Of The Year

Congratulations to interior designer Betsy Wentz for her award-winning home. This house won Pittsburgh Magazine’s Home Of The Year – Best Renovation 2014. To see more photos of her home, check out the online version of Pittsburgh Magazine by clicking here.