Sewickley Heights, Grasscloth TV Alcove

This television alcove was wrapped with grasscloth to help it blend into the wall of the Sewickley Heights home.

The flat-screen TV was not removed or disconnected for the grasscloth installation. Instead, it was securely wrapped in plastic while we wallpapered the alcove.

The side sheets were hung first, wrapping into the alcove. After protecting them with masking tape, the top and bottom sheets were hung, wrapping into the alcove above and below, and overlapping the side sheets. With seam pads protecting the drywall at the overlaps, doublecuts were made at all four corners, using a straightedge. When the masking tape, doublecut waste, and seam pads were removed, the resulting seams were nearly invisible, save for the natural paneling of grasscloth texture.

Lastly, the rear of the alcove was papered.

There are no open edges and no horizontal seams. It looks really sharp.