Harlequin Landscapes

 Harlequin Wallpaper

This beautiful horizontal stripe is from the Harlequin Landscapes collection. The pattern is called Tranquil. It’s a non-woven wallcovering, packaged in single euro-rolls 27″ wide by 11-yards long. The room is a master bath in Upper St Clair, PA.

The walls were primed with Draw Tite No-Run primer/sealer. As with virtually all non-woven wallcoverings, the instructions suggested pasting the wall rather than the wallcovering. As we do in most instances, though, we opted to paste the back of the wallcovering. The danger in doing so is that the porous, non-woven substrate will become oversaturated with paste, resulting in a blotchy, stained appearance. Experience has shown, however, that a light-to-medium application of Roman Adhesives Pro 838 to the back of the wallcovering is perfectly safe. In fact, the wallcovering handled like a dream, and staining was a non-issue, as expected.

This pattern isn’t a vertical stripe that was hung sideways. It’s a horizontal stripe with about a 36″ vertical repeat. By using a laser level, we were able to keep the stripes perfectly level so that they matched at the kill point when we got completely around the room and met up with the starting point.


I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of this material, and I only wish there were more companies like Harlequin producing wallpaper. http://www.harlequin.uk.com/landscapes.aspx