Restaurant Mural Installation

A few years ago, a Boston-area friend, and fellow paperhanger, Bill Archibald, received a call inquiring about the installation of custom wallcovering murals, at a very-soon-to-be-opened restaurant, in Newport, Rhode Island. The time-frame for the job was, “Can you get it done yesterday?”

Bill reached out to me for help, and I immediately put out a call to a second friend and associate, Phil Reinhard. A deal was immediately struck with the owner to install the murals in his restaurant. Phil and I made the trip up to Rhode Island the following day, and Bill met us there.

The job entailed installing two large-scale, digitally-printed murals; hanging a screen-printed wallpaper on the wall behind the bar; and hanging about 18 yards of commercial vinyl in the public restrooms.

We were lucky to find a large, clear space on the second floor, where we could lay out the mural panels and check them for match, bleed, and overall size.

In the bar area, the contractor was gracious enough to let us install the screen-printed wallpaper before the large shelving module was installed.

Installing these whimsical, retro-themed murals was a blast. They’d been made using a high-quality Korographics wallcovering, and the printing and registration were both excellent. The restaurant was on the water, with a nice view of Newport Harbor, hence the bathing-suit beauties. The job was completed in three days.

Christie’s Restaurant is still there, and so are the murals. If you’re ever in Newport, check it out.